This bundle includes 5 x Workbooks.


The Patient Workbook provides information on spinal stenosis and step-by-step instruction on how to perform specific exercises and body re-alignment techniques. This patient workbook is essential and guides both patient and clinician through each visit of the six-week program. The workbook instruction on specific exercises and self-management strategies are directed to the structural and biomechanical factors that impact standing, walking and functional abilities in lumbar spinal stenosis.


A patient instructional video (sold separately) provides educational information and demonstrates step-by-step all the specific exercises, body re-alignment techniques and self-management strategies. A pedometer (sold separately) is recommended to accompany the patient workbook. The pedometer provides a means to track improvements in walking ability.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Boot Camp Program Patient Workbook Bundle (Includes 5)


    Spinemobility is a Not-for-Profit Research and Resource Centre aimed at developing and testing innovative programs and devices with the goal of maximizing function, improving quality of life and reducing the risk of disability caused by spine and spine related conditions. 


    A key component of what we do is to provide clinicians with the tools, knowledge, skills and self-confidence to implement in their clinics our evidence-based programs.

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