Persistent Neck Pain (3 months+) is the fourth leading cause of disability in the world. In most cases the exact source of the pain is unknown.

The severity of back pain increases with age, heightening the risk of disability, loss of independence, and deteriorating quality of life. With our ageing population, the number of people suffering from LBP is growing rapidly. Many people with persistent LBP avoid activity, fearing the associated pain. A sedentary life exacerbates LBP. Inactivity can lead to isolation. There are increased rates of depression among people suffering from persistent LBP. Any

combination of the above can mean significant declines in overall health.

What treatments are currently available?

There are many individual treatments for persistent NP. No single approach is superior, and none work for everyone. Surgery is rarely an option for persistent NP: success rates are poor and there are serious risks involved. The best approach is non-surgical and multi-modal, a variety of treatments combined to optimize results.

How will the Boot Camp Program help people with Persistent Neck Pain?

SpineMobility’s goal is to restore function and improve quality of life. Individuals should not attempt the programs without first consulting a health care professional.

SpineMobility’s programs combine manual therapy, special exercises, and self-management strategies (including instruction for improved posture and movement.) Manual therapy involves using a special table that helps align the spine to maximize openings for the spinal nerves. Body alignment strategies and special exercises help restore weak back and leg muscles and reduce pressure on compressed nerves.